Alaska Streaming Webcams Online

For your attention on this page, we present webcams of the state of Alaska in the United States that you can watch online in real time.

Alaska is a real wild North: snow-capped mountain peaks, coniferous forests, endless, truly cold expanses, icy fast rivers and crystal clear lakes.

Alaska, with its magnificent pristine nature and harsh climate, is like a beautiful woman with a wild character: she attracts and frightens at the same time.

Summer is the best time to travel to Alaska. Warm weather up to + 30 ° C in June and July provides an excellent opportunity to pick berries and mushrooms, which are found in abundance in the state, to fish, rock climbing and even swim in rivers and lakes - although the water is extremely cold in summer. But the main thing is the white nights. In summer, the day lasts until 6 pm, and even at midnight it is still light and you can walk in the forest almost all night long.

But watch out for mosquitoes! In Alaska, they are huge and very aggressive. It's no coincidence that insect repellents are the most popular summer products in every store in the state.

The tourist season in Alaska lasts from May to September - during this time the weather is good and ticket prices almost double. Ski fans prefer to visit Alaska in late November - December. For fans of extreme sensations, I advise you to come to Alaska in February: at this time, the thermometer sometimes drops to -50 ° С! That is how it was that winter that I spent in the Northern State.

September is the most beautiful time of the year in Alaska. Trees are painted in bright autumn colors, and you can observe the whole range of shades: red, purple, orange, light green, dark green, light brown. Nature demonstrates a rich palette of colors, before how to go into a long hibernation for six long months of winter, which begins in mid-October.

Map State of Alaska in the United States