Polar bears in Alaska Zoo Cam

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Polar bears in Alaska ZooLive webcam in real time - installed in the zoo and demonstrates the habitat of two polar bears in Alaska, their names are Cranbeary and Lyutyik.
Alaska Zoo - Currently contains over 50 species of birds and mammals. It is home to a wide variety of Alaskan animals, as well as exotic species such as tigers, Bactrian camels and yaks.
In addition to animal shows, the zoo specializes in education, research, wildlife conservation and animal rehabilitation - many of the animals currently in the zoo have been found orphaned or injured.

If you want to get a better view of the city of Anchorage and the area near the webcam 1080p quality, scroll down the page to see the location of the camera on the map, as well as view the street in 3D.

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Polar bears in Alaska Zoo Street View

Polar bears in Alaska Zoo Map

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