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Colorado is one of the "Mountain States" of the United States. Thanks to archaeological research, it became known that already 11,000 years ago, people lived on the territory of modern Colorado. Before the beginning of European colonization, the Pueblo tribe lived in the south and southwest of the state, the Comanches in the east, the Shoshone in the north, and this one in the west. Since that time, unique rock dwellings have been preserved, created by the Pueblo Indians - Mesa Verde.

The first Europeans to explore this land were the Spaniards, who arrived here in the 16th century, and from the beginning of the 17th century this territory was a Spanish colony. The name Colorado comes from the Colorado River flowing in this place, so named because of the presence of red-brown silt in it.

After some time, Colorado was in the power of the French, but already in 1803 the territory of Louisiana, which included Colorado, was sold by the French to the United States. In 1845, the USA withdrew the central part of Colorado, and in 1848 - its western part as a result of the war with Mexico. At first, the lands of Colorado did not attract Americans, but this did not last long. In the late 1850s, gold was discovered here, which led to crowds of settlers. During the Civil War, the bulk of the treasure hunters successfully recaptured their place of prey from the Texas invaders. On March 3, 1875, to obtain state status, Congress passed a law containing requirements for the territory of Colorado. On August 1, 1876, by decree of the President, Colorado becomes the 38th US state.

In the 1930 census, the population exceeded one million. During the Great Depression, the state suffered greatly, but after the Second World War, its state is restored. Tourism, mining and agriculture are becoming the main sectors of the economy.

Today, the state government pays special attention to its historical heritage. Colorado has many museums, parks, memorials dedicated to the most important and interesting moments in history.

Map State of Colorado in the United States