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Florida is the southernmost of the continental US states. It completely covers the territory of the peninsula of the same name, and also captures the coastal part of the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, which washes the state from the west. East Coast - Atlantic.

Florida is located in two climatic zones - subtropical and tropical. A kind of natural country called the Wet Lands was formed here. The relief of Florida is extremely flat, flat. Florida is characterized by heavy rainfall, sunny days and warm temperatures. There are many swamps, small rivers (the largest are St. John's, Suwonni, Apalachicola), a huge number of lakes (Okeechobee is the largest), where lush vegetation flourishes, and the animal diversity is amazing. However, the state's natural heritage is under threat due to the large population of Florida.

Before the arrival of Europeans, the peninsula was inhabited by the Indian tribes of Calusa, Timukula and Seminole. In 1513, the conquistadors landed here, led by Ponce de Leon, who declared the new land the property of the Spanish crown. The area was named Florida - "blooming" in Spanish. The first settlements appeared only half a century later. For a short time (1763-76) Great Britain owned Florida. In the 18-19 centuries, there were clashes between Indian tribes, as well as with colonial troops. Spain sold Florida to the United States in 1819, and in 1845 it became the 27th US state. Florida sided with the Confederacy in the Civil War, helping the Army of the South with food.

The mild climate and warm sea are factors that have made Florida a popular tourist destination. Tourism has contributed to the development of the state's industrial sectors. Florida is now a world-class resort center. The infrastructure is excellent here: hotels, yacht clubs, amusement parks, clean beaches, the highest quality services. There are no historical sights in Florida, but there are many museums, aquariums, botanical gardens. The Everglades National Park is popular. Florida's calling card is Disney World in Orlando.

Map State of Florida in the United States