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Nevada, the silver state, is one of the driest regions in the United States. Its main territory lies within the ranges of the Great Basin of the Cordillera system. The height of the mountains sometimes reaches more than 3.5 thousand meters. This mountain state is crowned by the peak of Bowdari Peak (4005 meters). Average altitudes are at 1200 meters. The southern part of Nevada is occupied by the Mojave Desert.

The state got its name from the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which lies within California. Nevada means "snow-covered"in Spanish.

Almost the entire territory of Nevada is covered with semi-deserts with sparse vegetation. Woodlands are found at considerable altitudes. In Nevada, there are significant seasonal temperature fluctuations: from 45° in dry summers to -30° in winter. Due to the low amount of precipitation, many rivers and lakes do not have a constant water supply and therefore dry up. There are both salt and freshwater lakes (Pyramid, Tahoe). The Colorado River is the southeastern border of the state.

Prior to 1861, Nevada was part of the Utah Territory. This sparsely populated region separated from Utah shortly after the discovery of rich silver deposits in 1859. Gold diggers, miners, traders, and adventurers were drawn here. Then Nevada got the nickname "Silver State". In 1864, at the height of the Civil War, Nevada joined the United States as the 36th state. Because of this, it received another nickname-the State born in battles. Gambling establishments popular in the mining communities of Nevada were banned in 1909 as part of the government's anti-gambling program. However, due to the crisis and the decline in agricultural activity in the region, gambling establishments were legalized.

Las Vegas is the most popular gambling city in the United States. Its entire economy is connected to numerous gambling houses and casinos. There are many luxury hotels, concert venues, and restaurants here. Fountains, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and Venetian canals with gondoliers are also built for tourists. Outdoor recreation is also popular: excursions to national parks, mountains, skiing, rock climbing. Hoover Dam on the Colorado River-a grandiose hydraulic structure is also among the most visited sites.

Map State of Nevada in the United States