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Hawaii is a true Pacific paradise. Americans call this federal state of the USA "Aloha". The name "Aloha" has several meanings - "love", "welcome" and "happiness". Indeed, while vacationing on the Hawaiian Islands, you experience endless happiness and joy from the luxurious greenery of the islands, the warm climate, and beautiful beaches.

The Hawaiian Islands are located between America and Asia. The archipelago includes about 24 large and 120 small islands. Among them are the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Niihau and others. They are called the pearls of the Pacific Ocean. The islands were created by volcanic eruptions. They were discovered by James Cook. The English navigator gave them the name "Sandwich Islands". It happened back in 1778.

Hawaii is the fiftieth state in the United States. The islands are located 4 thousand km from San Francisco. The capital of Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, means "safe haven" in Hawaiian.

The territory of the islands is mainly occupied by tropical forests and savannah. For a long time, Hawaii, thanks to its luxurious forests, wild beaches, virgin nature, was not inferior in beauty to Polynesia. But now you can see here not only the beauty of untouched nature, but also a string of multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, towers located along the sandy coasts. Hawaii is a US outpost. There are volcanoes on the islands. Kilauea and Mauna Loa are active volcanoes.

Due to the excellent climatic conditions, bananas, coffee and nuts are grown here. And for the export of pineapples and the production of sugar, Hawaii occupies a leading position all over the world.

However, agriculture is not the only determinant of the Hawaiian economy. Hawaiian beaches, lush blooming vegetation, a developed service sector, top-class hotels attract tourists from all over the world. Waikiki beaches are especially popular among vacationers. A huge number of hotels and hotels have been built here. Relaxation on the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands will be appreciated by fans of windsurfing. There is always beautiful weather, clear warm water and huge waves. Coral reefs amaze everyone who has visited the Hawaiian Islands at least once. And voluptuous Hawaiian tunes at night discos will delight lovers of nightlife.

There are many different attractions on the islands. The whole family can go to the Hawaiian Volcanic National Park, visit Kapiolani and Moana Park, the palace of the Iolani kings. Art lovers will be interested in the exhibition at the Lyman Museum in Hilo. Pearl Harbor, famous to all, is located on the island. Military bases located on the islands are closed to tourists. But those who wish can visit the War Memorial Museum, which is named so - Pearl Harbor.

Hawaii, like a magnet, attracts connoisseurs of the beauty of nature and comfortable relaxation. Magnificent beaches, light ocean breezes, gentle rays of the sun, aromas of extraordinary tropical flowers will make your vacation in the Hawaiian Islands truly unforgettable.

Map Hawaii in the United States