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Massachusetts is located in New England in the northeastern United States. Before the appearance of Europeans in this place, local tribes of the Indians of Massachuset, Pennakuk, Wampanoag and others lived here. It is from the people of Massachuset that the state takes its name, meaning "great mountainous place".

The first European to visit this territory was the navigator from England Bartholomew Gosnold, and this happened in 1602. The very first European settlement was formed here thanks to the efforts of the passengers of the ship "Mayflower", who left England in connection with religious reasons. This settlement was named "Plymouth Colony". Another significant event is associated with these settlers; upon arrival in Plymouth, they signed the so-called first American constitution - the Mayflower Agreement. The basis of this document was the idea of submission to the will of the majority. The Wampanoag Indians helped the new residents settle in, the latter, in turn, thanked the Indians with a three-day feast in honor of the first harvest, which took place in October 1621. This is the story of the appearance of the famous holiday - Thanksgiving. In the 1620s, Massachusetts had foundations and other colonies - Gloucester (1623) and Nomkig (1626), later renamed the city of Salem. In the 30s of the 17th century, the first group of Puritans arrived here, led by the founder of Boston - John Winthrop. The year 1636 was marked for Massachusetts with the opening of Harvard University. A sad event in Massachusetts history was the "witch hunt" that began in 1692 and resulted in 156 indictments.

In the middle of the 18th century Massachusetts was the center of trade and shipbuilding in the British colonies, which led to unbearable tax oppression and as a result resulted in the famous "Boston Massacre" of 1770. And after 3 years there was a mutiny - "Boston Tea Party", which served as the impetus for the US War of Independence.

On February 6, 1788, Massachusetts became part of the United States, becoming the 6th state of the state.

Boston has a large number of state attractions: the remains of a granite rock in Plymouth, a copy of the Mayflower ship, Cape Cod, Plymouth Plantation and others.

Map State of Massachusetts in the United States