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On this page you will see live webcams in California, in different places of this beautiful American state.

California is a US state located on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. In the north it is bounded by the state of Oregon, in the southeast by the state of Arizona, in the east by the state of Nevada, and in the south by the territory of Mexico.

The state ranks first in the United States in terms of population. Here are located such large cities as Los Angeles (the largest city in the state), San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and the state capital - Sacramento. California has a varied climate and variegated population. In terms of gross domestic product, California is ahead of all other states. Among the most important sectors of the economy are agriculture, information technology, oil production and processing, and the aerospace industry.

The territory of California is located along the Pacific coast. The length of the state from south to north is about 1240 kilometers, in the transverse direction - about 400 kilometers. Among the states located on the Pacific coast, California is the largest. It is the third largest US state by area, second only to Alaska and Texas.

California over a large part of its territory has a Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers and rainy winters. The influence of the ocean leads to a small range of temperatures, winters are warm and summers are cool. The ocean is often foggy due to the cold California Current. With distance from the coast, the climate acquires the features of a continental, with a greater temperature difference between summer and winter. Westerly winds bring ocean moisture, with more rainfall in the north of the state than in the south. The formation of the climate is influenced by the mountains, which serve as an obstacle to the spread of moist ocean air inland.

The largest rivers in California are San Joaquin and Sacramento. These two rivers flow through the Central Plains and end up flowing into the San Francisco Bay. The length of the San Joaquin River is 530 kilometers, the Sacramento River is 719 kilometers.

In California, there is a region called Silicon Valley. The largest American companies in the field of information technology are concentrated in this region.

Map State of California in the United States