Bird feeder in Alabama Cam

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Bird feeder in AlabamaIf you love watching bird behavior you will love this webcam feed from these bird feeders live. They are loaded with many different products to attract many different species of birds. Over 25 species have been found in this beautiful backyard in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
The population organization of birds is much more complex and diverse than that of reptiles. It changes with the seasons of the year. The attachment to a certain territory is especially pronounced during the breeding season. Usually, solitary nesting birds occupy a certain area directly adjacent to the nest (nesting territory), into which other individuals of their species are not allowed. If food is collected away from the nest, then the area of the protected area will be small.

If you want to get a better view of the city of Birmingham and the area near the webcam 1440p quality, scroll down the page to see the location of the camera on the map, as well as view the street in 3D.

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