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Round Lake channel in MichiganThe webcam shows the Round Lake channel in Charlevoix, Michigan in real time.
Charlevoix is a small town located on the northeast shore of Lake Michigan and at the western end of the lake of the same name. The area of the city is 5.3 km2, it is home to about 2.5 thousand people. In the center of the city is the lake Round (Round Lake), on the banks of which there are many berths for boats and yachts. The Round Lake Cannel, or Pine River, in downtown Charlevoix, connects Lake Michigan to Lake Charlevoix.
The US 31–Island Lake Outlet Bridge was built across the Pin River Canal in 1949, and is part of the U.S. National Highway System and connects the two parts of Charlevoix. The width of the roadway of the bridge is 14 m, and it also has sidewalks on both sides with a width of 1.8 m each. The US 31-Island Lake Outlet Bridge is a lift bridge, it is raised for the passage of boats, yachts and Beaver Island ferries. In summer, the bridge is raised for the passage of ships especially often, which creates traffic jams on the road.

If you want to get a better view of the city of Charlevoix and the area near the webcam 2K quality, scroll down the page to see the location of the camera on the map, as well as view the street in 3D.

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Round Lake channel in Michigan Street View

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